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Q&A with Isaac Hennen, Minneota

09/08/2017, 2:15pm CDT
By Trevor Squire, SportsEngine

The starting running back and free safety discusses chasing a third state title with the Vikings.

MN Football Hub: Your uncle and and dad were part of a three-peat from 1986-1988, is there any competition there to see who can win the most titles?

IH: There’s a little. When I was younger I watched their tapes playing at state and that got me excited to play football at a young age. It kind of motivated [Garrett and me]. My dad played on the first two teams [of the three-peat] -- so we kind of already tied him -- hopefully if we win this year I can be one ahead of him.

MN Football Hub: Do you have any memorabilia from your state title games?

IH: The first two years we got rings, that's what most of the kids get. My dad didn’t get rings, so I think he gets mad when we order them because they're kind of expensive.

MN Football Hub: As a starter, your only loss was to Wabasso in the section semis last year, What did you learn from it?

IH: It showed us that we have to work for everything, nothing is given to you. We got spoiled our first three years because we went undefeated through the regular season, so it opened our eyes to what it feels like so we’ve been working harder to not feel that this year.

MN Football Hub: You have a big game coming up against Dawson-Boyd to kickoff Boxelder Bug Days, any special plans that day?

IH: All the people in town come to the game that day and Dawson will bring their whole town too, so it’ll be a pretty packed crowd. Usually we just go out to McDonald's because after the game most of us are just hungry and tired. Hopefully we’d win that game and celebrate a bit after the game, go out to the street dance.

MN Football Hub: What is your first memory playing football?

IH: My first memory playing football would be when I was in first grade. At recess everyday we would play in an intense 15-minute game against the second-graders.

MN Football Hub: Who is the person that has been the biggest influence on your life?

IH: The person who has been the biggest influence in my life would probably be my brother, Garrett. He has always been in my life and I've learned a lot from him.

What's your guilty pleasure?

"I'm definitely a Netflix binge-watcher. If I get into a show, I might watch 10 episodes a day.  'The Office' is my favorite show, I’ve watched it all like three times."

--Isaac Hennen


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